Thursday, 1 September 2005

Google sitemaps and verification

Following the queries about this, I've amended my original longer post and summary to add some stuff about verification.

I hope that will make things clearer. Verification isn't needed to get Google to index your updated blog, but rather for you to view more detailed stats. So, we Blogspot users and others who have no way to upload anything but posts to their blogging provider's servers will just have to be "detailed stats"-deprived.

There is no solution really except to lobby Blogger (the Suggest New Feature box at the bottom) and also Google Sitemaps to allow what we need - tell 'em you want Blogspot users to be able to have full Sitemaps functionality including verification!

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ritzy said...

Oh.. I'm so used to you providing magical answers to all my problems so this was a shock :)

John said...

Thanks for all the help w. sitemaps!! Would you recommend deletion of "revisit after..." meta tags, or are they still useful to other engines?

Improbulus said...

Ritzy, sorry, no rabbits out of hats for this one! Not from me anyway, maybe someone else?

John, glad to have been of help. No I don't think I'd delete that meta tag, as you say, for other engines.