Sunday, 11 February 2007

LG Shine phone launch: press kit photos 7 February 2007

Here are the press kit photos from the official UK press launch of the LG Shine phone (detailed pre-launch mini-review of LG Shine here) which I went to on 7 February. Just click on a pic for a bigger photo.

(For a few photos from the rather more glamorous celebrity launch the same evening, with David Blaine, The Feeling and Beth Rowley, see this post.)

I really like how you can close the slider and then hold it sideways and use it just like a digital camera:

And here are the rest of the press kit pictures:

There was a giant model of the Shine at the launch - just like the phone it slid up and down, and played a video on the screen. And occasionally became a mirror, again just like the phone. Great fun.

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