Monday, 26 March 2007

Blogger: Hindi transliteration now available

Good news for those who blog in Hindi - I've just noticed that Blogger have introduced a new transliteration feature: an "automatic transliteration option for converting Roman characters to the Devanāgarī characters used in Hindi. This lets you type Hindi words phonetically in English script and still have them appear in their correct alphabet."

Once transliteration is enabled in your Dashboard settings, in the post editor toolbar a new button appears which lets you toggle transliteration on and off, with a new keyboard shortcut (ctrl-g) for the toggle. Plus, a nifty onscreen keyboard's available.

Blogger have provided a chart of Devanāgarī-Roman Character Mappings too.

Before anyone asks, my Hindi is non-existent - I just came across this while searching for more keyboard shortcuts for the post editor given that today my toolbar icons suddenly stopped working in Firefox (must be an update to an extension, haven't figured out which one yet, if anyone has worked out the fix please let me know!).


sudhir said...

hey I've one more gud news for hindi loving people ..... I've been using a site frm last year for hindi transliteration to search and to write mails and for hindi project n all u can also try this link it will be very useful for those people who can speak hindi but can't write it properly .....

Improbulus said...

Thanks for the info Sudhir, I hope it'll be of use to the Hindi users who read my blog.