Sunday, 3 July 2005

Help others bookmark your posts on - part 2

You know I posted a while back about some template hacks to enable users of the social bookmarks managers Delicious or Furl to bookmark your blog or an individual post with one click?

The problem with the Delicious hack was that even if the reader was already logged in to Delicious when they clicked that link, they had to login yet again.

Well Joshua the lovely man behind Delicious has kindly explained how you can fix it so that someone who's already logged in can just bookmark your blog or post without having to login again. It just took me a while to come across that post of his...

It just involves a simple tweak. If you've already implemented my hack, change "login/" to "post" in the Delicious links, and that's it. If you haven't, I've just updated my original post to show the complete code, with Joshua's version. Much better!

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1 comment:

Sudar said...

Thanks for the hack, will update my blog with this new hack