Saturday, 2 July 2005

Who's bookmarked you or your blog posts on Delicious?

Here's another possible bloggers' ego tool, in case you haven't come across this cool feature of the social bookmarking service

Searching for who's bookmarked your blog or posts on Delicious

The search form below will find all the people who've bookmarked a particular URL on Delicious, and what comments they made about it. It won't find all the people who've bookmarked all your individual blog posts - just those who've bookmarked your main page, if you enter its URL (like in my case), or who's bookmarked a particular post, if you enter its permalink instead.

Enter your blog URL or post permalink below to find out who's bookmarked it on Delicious, and what they said about it (opens in a new window):
IMPORTANT - if you enter the main page of your blog rather than the URL for a particular post, you MUST put a "/" at the end if you don't normally, or it won't work (e.g. in my case I mustn't use but should enter

Blog templates hack

You can use this feature of Delicious to add a clickable link so that people (or just you!) can easily see who's bookmarked your blog or a particular post.

Here's the code to add to your blog template to produce a link to find who's bookmarked your blog on Delicious (opens in the same page):

<a href=";url=<$BlogURL$>">Who's bookmarked this blog on Delicious?</a>

That code's for Blogger. If you don't use Blogger just change "<$BlogURL$>" to whatever represents your blog's URL on your platform, or you can just hardcode your blog URL in there e.g. use in my case. Obviously you can change the link text to anything you want.

And this may be more useful - when you're viewing a particular post you can just click one link to find out who's bookmarked that post on Delicious. The code to insert in your template to produce that link just needs a tweak to use the tag for your post's permalink:

<a href=";url=<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>">Who's bookmarked this post on Delicious?</a>

Again if you don't use Blogger change "<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>" to whatever represents a post's permalink on your platform e.g. <$MTEntryPermalink$> for Movable Type or (correct me if I'm wrong on this! still learning Wordpress) <?php the_permalink() ?> for Wordpress.

As an example here's who has bookmarked my greatest (well, only!) hit, my tutorial on Technorati tags...

And finally, if don't want to clutter up your blog page for readers, or if you're a bit shy and want the link available for your own curiosity/statistical purposes but don't actually want the world and their husband to see that you've included that tool on your blog, for Blogger users you can always wrap that code in special tags to make it invisible to everyone else but you - see this for more info on how.

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