Wednesday, 10 August 2005

Blogger: tell Blogger what you think!

If you use Blogger, you may have noticed they've just launched a survey asking about Blogger users and, more importantly to me, what you want from Blogger.

Login and in your Dashboard, under the list of your blogs, there will be a link to the survey. I can't give the link here as it seems to be specific to each Blogger user - which means of course that you won't be answering it anonymously, bear in mind that they'll know exactly what you think and where you live!

Hint - if you indicate early on in the survey that you're NOT satisfied with Blogger, you will get an extra page asking you why you're not satisfied, which will give you the chance to sound off about speed, features and support (there aren't many options but there's an "Other reason" box at the end where you can write all you want).

Plus there's a page at the end with a box where you can write about how you think Blogger could be improved. Here's the opportunity to ask for new features! Categories, anyone??

The "Which change would you most like to make to your blog" seems a bit narrow to me (add links, change colours/font, rearrange the blog contents, change no. of columns and profile info), though there's an "Other please specify". But at least there's a page where they ask how happy you are with existing features like template variety, customisation, Blogger images, profiles, comments, group blogging, Blogger Mobile and Audioblogging. Nowhere to say what improvements you'd like if you're not happy, but at least the final page lets you say anything you want.

So do take the chance to give your views - this is a very good sign, it must mean that Google are finally taking Blogger seriously and hopefully will be putting in more time and money into Blogger to make it a much better blogging tool for all of us, which can only be good for bloggers and readers alike (and, ultimately, for Google too).

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ChickyBabe said...

Thanks, Imp! I didn't even notice the link until you mentioned it.

TaB said...

Bout bloody time huh?
Wonder how long the review of the data will take (even on the new google x9000), im off to palo-alto tomorrow to visit some mates, I’ll give shellen a wet one for you hehe..

Hope your feeling well :)

Improbulus said...

No probs CB.

G-BOAC, who knows? They certainly seem to have closed the survey now, or at least they've deleted the link to it from the Dashboard (I do wish they'd put a closing date so people who want to think about it a bit before answering could have got their blow in). And I'm well ta, hope you are!