Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Technorati Mini: automatic searches every minute

Technorati blog have announced a new Technorati search feature, the Technorati Mini.

Do a search on Mini and you get a new little (mini, geddit?) popup window with the search results, which refreshes every 60 seconds. (Bloggers who like ego tools could search for their blog URL, for instance.) You can search again and get another popup showing the results of the new search, and get yerself a real blizzard of popups if you really want to. But if you have a popup blocker you may need to tweak it, obviously, or Mini might not work.

Technorati must have really beefed up their servers, to be able to cope with being zapped every minute by who knows how many zillions of searches there will be. This is a good way for them to show off!

I notice that Steve Rubel has quick off the markedly whipped up a trick to move that popup to your Firefox sidebar so the real diehards can have that persistent blog search permanently there. No doubt Technorati will have anticipated something like this, which will certainly increase the load on their servers even more, as people aren't going to have to do much then to keep those persistent blog searches going.

It will be interesting to see how they cope. Show offs, I say again! :D

[Edited 17 December:] Now you can have tag searches in Mini - see this post.

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ChickyBabe said...

This is rather nifty! Just when I thought I was getting over my blog obsession-compulsion... ;)

JHG said...

How would you add audio - not audio feed - but your own recordings to a blog?

Improbulus said...

CB, thanks, glad you like!

jhg, I think you meant to comment on my other post, but the answer is to upload your recordings to a host like Ourmedia.org, then link to them from your blog. See my post on Ourmedia.