Thursday, 17 March 2005

Future posts: you decide! (survey tool)

This week I entered an unusually busy period, both at work and outside it, hence I won't be tinkering with my blog or posting as frequently as I have been, until about mid-April. But there are lots of things on my to-do list for what I want to do with my blog and what I would like to write about.

I've rustled up a little survey of possible initial subjects at the end of this post - and if anyone would like to try out the survey tool (and help me decide what to focus on first in my limited time, too!), I would really appreciate it. (And of course I'll share thoughts on the tool, its use and how well it works).

My to-do list for my blog includes:
  • Blogroll, or at least a list of links to blogs I read or which link to me (or both) - so if you link to me, please let me know (I've spotted a few but I may have missed someone)
  • Popular posts list in my sidebar so the Technorati tags intro and others won't get lost
  • Restore Blogger comments (but using the Metempsychosis hack) with Haloscan trackback as I don't want to lose my comments after 4 months!
  • Recent posts list - if it can be automated in a dropdown menu, don't know...
  • Tag my old posts on as per unscathed's idea
  • Maybe, maybe, convert to a 3 column blog
  • Investigate Wordpress particularly given the recent Blogger access problems etc
And my to-do list (for now anyway) for blog posts is in the survey below (if you'd rather open it in a separate window where you don't have to scroll, please click here). All questions are optional, please feel free to skip anything you like.

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