Friday, 15 April 2005

Gmail aliases and filters: screenshots

I've updated my post on Gmail aliases and filters to include some pics to illustrate the process of setting up the filters.

As with my code posts the pics are intruding into the sidebar, but oh well...


TaB said...

You are the most meticulous person I have met, I love it! I revel in the details, and clean explanations. Im all about that one inch equation ;)

I know im a sheep, but I quite like gmail, I like the pop access at home and web from wherever, do I really need rss email? Um, no, but thanks for the innovation all the same.

Cool post and update to it!

Improbulus said...

Tab - thank'ee kindly, some people (less sweet than you) would call me pedantic! But yes, like you I like details and clarity, I prefer length to ambiguity - I so hate uncertainty. And hey there are few people less sheeplike than you!