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Technorati tags: an introduction

Delicious bookmarks before domain name change:

This is a introductory guide to "tags" on Technorati, the blogosphere search engine, which started using them in mid-January 2005. It's a practical introduction rather than a tutorial (ending with some personal thoughts about tags), but I'll summarise the basics about Technorati tags and how to use them in your own blog posts - stuff I've learned from digging around, playing around and, as you'll see later, much tearing out of hair. I do assume knowledge of basic HTML (for which see e.g. this or this), but if anything needs to be made clearer or expanded upon, please post a comment and I'll try to help.

What's a Technorati tag anyway?

A Technorati tag is a keyword or category used to describe the subject matter or topic of a blog post. For instance, I've labelled my post about ID cards with the tags Identity Cards, ID Cards, Government, Politics, Society, Privacy, Human Rights, Identity Theft, Crime, Hackers, Terrorism; whereas for my post on the rather rude interpretation one-track minds can give to ambiguously-worded Google Groups FAQs, I've used the tags Humor, Humour, Funny, and Dirty.

So, Technorati tags are like the tags with which people label their photos at Flickr, the free photo management/sharing site (e.g. using the tag "Cat" for a photo of a cat). Or like the tags used to categorise bookmarked Webpages at and Furl, the services (also free) which enable you to bookmark Web pages, organise/tag them and search your bookmarked Webpages from any computer (Furl even saves a copy of the Webpage on their servers). In fact, due to a hookup with those sites, when you go to Technorati and view their page for a particular tag, you'll see not just blog posts using that tag (e.g. "Funny"), but also any pics and links to Webpages which have been given the same tag by users on Flickr, or Furl.

You can tag (i.e. keyword) a post with anything you like. You can even make up a tag which didn't exist before anywhere (such as my "Gnashing of Teeth" tag for one of my earlier posts) - and, theoretically, they'll still index it and display it on their tag pages. (I say "theoretically" because I had real problems getting any Technorati tags to work - see this post and this post - but fortunately David Sifry the Technorati boss picked up on it (see his comment at the end of my previous post), and, miraculously, Technorati tags are now working for my blog - as of last night. It's odd because it's been about a week since I posted or tagged those posts - why did it take so long for them to show up on the Technorati tag pages, when the Technorati's info page on tags says that, after pinging them, "Your post should appear on the page in a few minutes (up to an hour during periods of intense activity)"?)

How do you view a Technorati tag page?

To see what blog posts, pics or Webpages have been tagged with the keyword of, say, "Privacy", just go to the URL "". (Or go to Technorati first, and in the search box search for "tag:Privacy" - don't include any quote marks, or any space after the colon). This works for any keyword you like; for "Privacy" just substitute, for example, "Politics" (or indeed "Latex", if you prefer, and who can blame you). Be warned (and be patient): Technorati tag pages can sometimes take an age to load, even on my 1MB ADSL connection.
Note: tags on Technorati are not case-sensitive, so either capital letters or lower case letters are OK. The format above is recommended on Technorati's site for use when tagging your blog posts (the method is explained below). But when you're searching for a tag, at least, it doesn't seem to matter if you use a "www" in the URL or not, or if you use "tag" or "tags" in the URL - the results are still the same. So I believe that when tagging posts also, it doesn't matter - I've seen blogs on Technorati tag pages which have been tagged using "www" and "tags", and obviously they've still been indexed.

To see a list of the major tags on Technorati, go to their general tag page. This only shows the most popular tags. The bigger the fontsize of the tag word, the more posts, photos etc which have been tagged with it. That page is worth a look see to figure out which tags are the most common, and which the most popular (so you can adopt them in your own posts to get more visitors - assuming that the tag is relevant to your post, of course. People wouldn't be very happy with you if you tagged a post with "Game" and it was about your Morris dancing proclivities). There are, it seems, over 300,000 more tags that aren't listed on that page. And counting.

What's the point of using Technorati tags in your blog?

Well, first, to get your blog posts onto Technorati's tag pages in an organised, structured way - and also the tag pages of other blogosphere search engines that recognise tags, like Icerocket. That means people searching or browsing through those tag pages will be able to find your blog posts - more exposure, more traffic, hopefully more readers for your blog.

Also, these tag pages often get indexed on Google, and Technorati tag pages commonly appear quite high in Google search results lists due to the high number of blog posts pointing to those tag pages. So, if your blog is linked to from a tag page, someone searching Google is again more likely to come across your posts.

For other possible uses of Technorati tags, see below.

How do you use Technorati tags in your blog?

That's the 64 million euro question. If your blog platform already supports categories and RSS/Atom (e.g. WordPress, Movable Type or TypePad), just assign categories to your posts and publish via RSS/Atom, and you're laughing - Technorati will automatically use those categories from your feed for its tags. (Though note that Technorati tags are more flexible than the broad "categories" used in many blogs - they can be anything from general categories to very specific individual keywords.) UPDATE: in Blogger Beta, which made its debut in late 2006 and is now out of beta as New Blogger, Blogger introduced a new feature called "Labels". Labels essentially operate in the same way as categories on Wordpress etc, so you no longer need separate tools to use categories and, more importantly, Technorati tags, see this post.

If you want to include tags manually on your blog, you're still laughing, because you should be able to make up any tags you like, use them in your posts, and Technorati should include them on its tag pages.

How do you do that, then? Well, according to the Technorati help page on tags, all you have to do is insert this sort of markup into your post (using the privacy example):
<a href="" rel="tag">Privacy</a>

The important bits to include are those I've put in bold - the "rel="tag"", and the "/privacy" at the end of the URL, in order to get the post (1) recognised by Technorati as tagged in the first place, and (2) filed under "Privacy" on their tag pages.

The "href" URL could in fact be for any site at all, not just Technorati's, as long as the URL ends in a backslash followed by the name of the tag you want (though, if nothing else is suitable, then the Technorati page for that tag may be the easiest choice). To adapt one example Technorati themselves gave, you could use
<a href="" rel="tag">iPod Stuff</a>

for a post to be tagged with "iPod" and show up on their iPod tag page (but it will NOT be tagged "iPod Stuff"). In other words, you don't have to link to Technorati for your tagged post to show up on Technorati's tag pages.
Tip: if you want to use a tag which consists of more than one word, like "Customer Service", Technorati say to use a "+" symbol between those words in the "a href" bit (although I've found that a simple space works just as well, check out the contrast between my first two tags at the end of this post - both should work, but "+" is safest). Example:
<a href="" rel="tag">Customer Service</a>

You can have more than one tag for a post. In my case I've listed the tags with that code at the very end of each post, see e.g. the end of the ID card post example. I've deliberately included both singular and plural versions of tags and similar terms to try to help people looking for this kind of information find my post, for reasons I go into further below - and you might consider doing that too.

The tag markup could be included in the main part of the post instead, it shouldn't matter, as long as it's in the body of the post (and not, e.g., your blog's sidebar); I just find it easier to keep all my tags together at the end of the post.

Invisible tags?

If you want your Technorati tags to be invisible to readers, but still get your post tagged on Technorati's tag pages, one possible way is to add the tags but just leave out the link text (the text that's normally clickable) between the > and the < - so in the first example above you'd just use the following, and the post will appear on Technorati's "privacy" tag page, but readers won't see the tag in your post (unless they view source, of course):
<a href="" rel="tag"></a>
However, for all sorts of reasons using invisible tags probably isn't a good idea, e.g. it probably goes against the purpose of tags. Kevin Marks of Technorati thinks it doesn't make sense, and more to the point many believe that if you try to make your tags invisible, Technorati and other search engines won't like it and may decide not to index your posts. While leaving out the link text as above worked once upon a time, that doesn't mean it will always work - I wouldn't be surprised if Technorati for one tweak things to penalise those who leave out link text for tags by refusing to index their posts properly, if they haven't already. For some debate on invisible tags please see the comments to this post.

Nevertheless if you really want to try invisible tags (and on your own head be it!), the best way to increase your chances of having them indexed is probably to have them there on the page, but just not displayed (though who knows whether the search engines would want to penalise that sort of thing too). You can do this through CSS - use a class for your list of tags and set it to display:none (for more info on that, see this post and this post).

Then, of course, you need to publish your post and ping Technorati, and theoretically, according to their help page, your post should be indexed by them and added to their tag pages within an hour if they're busy, less if they're not.

[Note added 14 Jan 2006:] This post is just about how you tag individual posts. After it was written, Technorati introduced their Blog Finder, with the ability to tag an entire blog (see their instructions on how to tag your blog). Tagging your blog isn't dealt with in this post - see my separate post if you're interested in tagging your entire blog generally. They are two separate things, tagging your blog generally (as a blog about e.g. knitting), as opposed to tagging an individual post (e.g. with "purl" or "knitting needles"). Tagging your blog (Technorati call it "listing" the blog in their directory of blogs, which is by general topic), will not make your individual posts automatically appear on the pages for that listing category, though your blog should appear on that list. Similarly tagging a post individually (e.g. with "knitting") won't cause your blog to be listed in Technorati's directory in the "Knitting" category listing blogs about knitting, although the post should appear on the knitting tag page for individual posts. You can do one or the other, or indeed both kinds of tagging, and you probably should do both if you want to increase your blog's exposure.

How does Technorati pick up your tags? Amended tags?

When you update your blog's main page by adding a new post, your blog's feed gets updated too. Technorati picks up on the changes in your blog feed, including your new post with the tags you've included in it.

The important thing to note is that Technorati, like many other search engines (e.g. Google's Blogsearch), indexes blogs by their site feeds. It mainly indexes going by what it sees in your site feed. That's why it's important to ensure that your blog settings are such that you output a full feed in some form, and that the search engines are given the URL of your full feed, not just of e.g. an excerpts or headlines-only feed. If your feed only shows the first X characters of each post, and your tags are at the end of your post, Technorati will not pick up your tags because they are missing from your feed, even if they're on the blog's Webpage. See further this post - scroll down to "Checking your feed" - on how to set a Blogger blog to output a full feed; and this post on feeds and search engines, plus how to offer your readers the choice of what type of feed they want.).

Update: Technorati's spider will cross check your feed against your main blog page so that if you only put out a summary feed, it will still get the full text from your front page - but unfortunately, until recently it had trouble with blogs whose URLs started with "www" for the feed but not for the main page (or presumably vice versa) (e.g. see this post). And it wasn't fully indexing posts from those kinds of blogs, as Kevin Marks has explained. Fortunately, he says they've now fixed that bug.

Because most blogosphere search engines, not just Technorati, base their indexing mainly on your feed (unlike say Google's main crawler, which does revisit old webpages), this means your old posts - which no longer appear on your main page - may not get indexed for tagging purposes, not even if you go back and edit them to add tags. If a post is not on your main blog page (eg in my case) the tags in it will not get indexed. You can try increasing the number of posts that appear on your main page via your blog settings so that your old posts will appear on your main page (with the intention of decreasing it back down again after the old posts have been indexed), but this doesn't always work and will certainly slow down the loading of your main page considerably, which may annoy visitors to your blog. I was also told by Janice Myint of Technorati support in April 2006 (my emphasis):
"Technorati does index all posts on the main page, or Atom feed if the Atom feed contains full post content, however old. If the posts have been indexed before, only updated posts are reindexed. This applies to all post content.

For tags, all new tags in new posts on the main page, or Atom feed if the Atom feed contains full post content and tags, are indexed.

New tags added to an old post that previously did not have tags are considered an update and are indexed as well. However, if a post has been indexed before and the tags indexed before, then changing the tags, deleting or adding tags to the post, to my knowledge do not get indexed at this time. This is a bug that is currently being researched and fixed."

That last point is important to note: if you change your mind about a post you've published and you want to tweak the tags, even if the post is still on your blog's main page after you republish the edited post, Technorati will not pick up the changes - not until they've fixed that bug, anyway.

[This section added 13 August 2006 - just to share what I've learned since, including what Janice Myint of Technorati support told me.]

Problems getting your posts onto Technorati's tag pages?

When I first tried tagging, I was sure I'd done everything right (these tags ain't exactly rocket science); I tried pinging them direct and also later (in desperation) through Pingomatic too - and yet, though the pings seemed to be successful, none of my posts showed on their tag pages, even after raising the matter with Technorati support and chasing them a few days later... until last night, when the whole lot suddenly appeared at once on Technorati's tag pages, mysteriously all dated the same date (of yesterday). So it took a whole week, and going to Technorati support, for my posts to show up on their tag pages. I think that for some reason they'd just not been indexing my blog. I'm still looking into why - too many posts with tags on one single blog page, for instance? I'll post further as and when I find out.

[Added 14 June 2005:] I've now got as much info out of Technorati as I've been able to, and summarised why sometimes your posts don't appear on Technorati's tag pages, even though posts before and after them may appear - for an explanation of what's behind these problems and possible solutions, see this post including this comment by Niall Kennedy of Technorati regarding validating your blog. Note that the problems continue - sometimes certain posts don't get picked up on the tag pages even though you can find them on Technorati by searching. For days or weeks at time, you may find that none of your posts get picked up at all - I've had at least 3 spells of my posts not getting fully indexed by Technorati for tag purposes; the last time, they had to tweak something behind the scenes to get their crawler to start recognising my tags again. I can only suggest that you make it a habit to regularly check that your posts are appearing on Technorati's tag pages, and if not, get on to Technorati support immediately and try to keep the "missing" posts visible on the main page of your blog (not slipping into an archive) until they've sorted it, or else they will never get recognised on their tag pages.

[Updated March 2006:] The last time I had problems, in February 2006, I decided to test what it was about the post that Technorati's system didn't like. I've posted my findings, and David Sifry Technorati's CEO says they're puzzled too, but they're on it. If you suffer problems with certain of your tagged posts not appearing on Technorati's tag pages (but appearing on say Icerocket's), you should report the bug to Technorati, giving them a link to the problem post's permalink, which should help them work out what's going wrong. I sure hope they sort it out soon!

[Added 13 August 2006:] I have since had an issue again with two posts where some tags did not get indexed. Technorati told me that it seems that they did pick up the tags, but then due to an index glitch the tags were dropped mid-way through. Thus the posts fell into the last category mentioned in the previous section (if a post has been indexed before and the tags indexed before, then if changing the tags, deleting or adding tags to the post, the changes do not get indexed). So the tags were treated as "previously-indexed" (because they were - they just got lost in Technorati's system) - and they could not be indexed again after I updated my posts and the posts stayed on my main blog page. I raised the problem with Technorati who tried to override that in the back end and have the tags indexed, but they were unsuccessful. I don't know if it's related to the bug that I've mentioned before, but I wouldn't be at all surprised.
Question: will your tags work if you use the target="_blank" attribute or similar in your markup in order to display the Technorati tag page in a new browser window? I really don't know. I can't see how it should matter, but there's nothing about that in the Technorati tag help page. When I first tagged my posts, I included that attribute, and Technorati didn't index my blog for a week (even after I deleted that attribute from all my tags and then tried again). I don't know if that's what made Technorati's crawler choke, but I've asked Technorati support about it. I've not heard back on that point, but as far as I can see, people who use that attribute are managing to get their tagged posts indexed fine.

Tools for Technorati tags and other info

Creating tags - for tools to help you easily create, without any hand coding, tags that consist of multiple words:(I used to link to the Oddiophile bookmarklet which seems to have been the first attempt at a bookmarklet for creating Technorati tags, but they only supports single word tags, plus the Oddiophile webpage has been down for many months, so I have deleted those links.)

UPDATE: on New Blogger you no longer need third party tools in order to create tags that Technorati and the like will pick up; you can use the new labels feature for that now, see this post. However, I will still be using the Magical Sheep Greasemonkey script for my tags, because I consider them to be low level keywords, while I'll be using labels for higher level categories -I think those are different concepts.

Bookmarklet to search Technorati tags - highlight text on a Webpage, and this bookmarklet searches for the highlighted words in Technorati's tag space. It only seems to work with Webpages, not if you highlight text in say your word processor.

Tag searches, newsfeeds, Technorati Mini - Technorati have since introduced feeds for specific tags. Search on Technorati for say "tag:trainspotting" (or browse to a Technorati tag page, or from the Tags tab just search for "trainspotting"), and at the top right of the search results page you'll see a little orange RSS icon, which if you hover over it gives the URL for the tag search feed to paste into your feed reader. You can also create a Watchlist for a tag search (effectively, your private feed on your own Technorati watchlist page with all your watchlists shown together, which you can view only after logging in). (Only Technorati members can create Watchlists - but it's free to join. For an intro to Technorati watchlists, see this post.) Or you can have a tag search result show in a Technorati Mini window, continually live and updated (just click the "View in Mini" button).

Technorati's info page on tags gives a good general overview - and don't forget the Technorati developers' tag tools page, which still has some stuff for the less techie amongst us (that's where I found the precursors to the tools mentioned above).

Technorati have now introduced a helpful howto page with links to tutorials and tips (including this post, thanks Technorati!), plus their own tools page again with links.

What else can you do with Technorati tags?

"Meblogging" is one use I've come across, and very clever it is too. If you post to several blogs but want to see all your posts in one place, just tag each of them with a unique identifying word and then the Technorati tag page for that word will pull all your posts together (I'm going to start labelling my own posts with "Improbulus", "Consuming Experience" and, because I'm anal retentive, "A Consuming Experience" too). Of course there's nothing to stop other people (like practical joker friends) from using the same tag too, and cluttering up "your" tag page with their stuff...

A group of people could even set up a "secret" group page by tagging their posts with a special private tag (say a jumble of letters and numbers) that no one else knows, perhaps making that tag invisible on their posts (although that may go against the idea behind the rel="tag" specification, which intends tags to be visible links).

A tag could also be used to collect together conveniently a whole bunch of related blogs on the same general topic, all on the same page - if the bloggers concerned co-operate to use the same unique tag (decentralised group blogging).

No doubt people will be able to think up many more creative uses for Technorati tags.


As I can foresee an explosion in Technorati-tagged blog posts, I wanted some way to be able to narrow down a search better. For example, being able to search for "tag:dogs" AND "tag:cats", if I want to find posts that are about both dogs and cats. At first you couldn't do that, but Technorati have since come up with the goods and you can now do quite sophisticated searches of their tag pages.

More generally on Technorati, I think it would be really useful to combine a search for "blog:this" and "tag:that", to look for posts on a particular topic within the one blog, for instance. (Then you could even add links in your sidebar to bring up all the posts in your blog (or someone else's blog) about a single subject/keyword, for instance.) Perhaps all this will come, in time - the Technorati people seem very savvy and responsive. In the meantime one solution is to do an "AND" search with the meblogging tag for the blog you want, combined with the tag you're looking for. [Added 13 August 2006:] Technorati have now provided a way to search for a particular tag just in your blog. In your browser go to[YOURTAG]?from=http://[YOURBLOGURL] to search for YOURTAG in your blog URL.

But the most important issues I have with tags are as follows.

Any downside to Technorati tags?

In principle Technorati tags seem a very good idea and, if they can be made to work properly, are an excellent way to get categories functionality for Blogger blogs, amongst other things. But there are two possible problems that I can see: the potential for confusion, and the potential for abuse.

Order, order...

First, there's the potential for chaos and confusion - people not finding what they want (or other people not finding what you want them to find). What do I mean by that? Well if you look at the main Technorati tag page you'll see for instance that people have been using as tags both "Humor" and "Humour" (and "Funny", too). If I search for the tag "Humour", I wouldn't find anything tagged just with the US spelling "Humor", or the similar concept "Funny". Same for singular and plural - searching for items tagged with "Blog" would not find those just tagged with "Blogs", and vice versa.

This is because the nature of tags used on Technorati etc is that people choose whatever words they want to use for a particular concept, and different people may use different words to mean exactly the same thing. Or the same words to mean entirely different things. There are no rules or even rough guidelines for tags on Technorati, Flickr, etc - people can use any words they like.
(In researching Technorati tags I've learned a new word, "folksonomy" - which seems to mean, people making up their own categories/keywords as they go along, instead of using a recognised standard classification set or "ontology" or "taxonomy", as it's called. See also this post and the paper linked to from sardonick's post (warning, learned paper alert!), if you're keen on that kind of thing.)

Plus, here's no way of figuring out how categories of keywords are organised in different people's heads. You wouldn't believe it from the state of my desk, but I do think about information in a fairly structured, hierarchical way, with categories, sub-categories and sub-sub-categories (transport, car, Ferrari) - and so do lots of other people. The problem is someone else may be thinking in a completely different way with different hierarchies (sex, babe magnets, Ferrari). It'll get worse and worse as more people get tagging, and create more and more new (and different) variations on tags.

That's the first problem which occurred to me, but (not surprisingly) I'm not the first person to have thought of it - see for example this post or this one. (For an alternative viewpoint, see this post. Don't think I'm saying folksonomies, a.k.a. "social tagging", are a bad thing as such - I think they're a good thing, but I'm just concerned about possible chaos in the longer term if something isn't done soon about organising tags; even several multiple parallel hierarchies, like my Ferrari example, would be fine (see, I've got the jargon down pat now - that's known as "polyhierarchical", that is). And as a further aside, I don't think the Google vs. Yahoo analogy is valid (i.e. that if hierarchies were the way to go, Yahoo would be a Google-beater), because Google use their own, very effective, techniques to figure out how to rank search results; they don't depend entirely on what Webpages authors say, as tags do. Yes, it's interesting to be able to see which tags are the most common ones, but that doesn't actually help me find what I want especially if what I want is something quite specific, given that the popular tags tend to be so broad.)

You can see where I'm going, can't you? I'm on the side of order and structure, rather than a free for all mess. In my view, Technorati needs as a minimum something like Google's "Did you mean..." for mis-spellings or similar words. I don't know how Google does it - uses a dictionary, maybe; but it must be possible to combine an actual thesaurus for the search software to look up (with humans editing the thesaurus - e.g. to add associations between say "humor", "humour" and "funny"), plus a list of common mis-spellings etc. [Note added 6 March 2005 - Technorati have now introduced the concept of "related tags"]And what about providing a comprehensive list of tags for people to view and perhaps click to select their own tags from (so that they can use any existing one which fits the concept they want, rather than having to coin their own)?

Yes, I know, the maintenance burden on the teams of (volunteer?) people organising and editing the "taxonomy" would be a pain (not to mention the pain of organising the people concerned!) - but wouldn't it be worth it? There's still time, while Technorati tags are in their relatively early stages, to introduce some form of order into the chaos, perhaps a standardised list of synonyms at least (even if not organised in a hierarchichal manner) - and, personally, I think that opportunity should be taken. Even Furl provide for their users a basic list of major categories ("business", "entertainment", "health", "technology" etc, not to mention the all-conquering and all-embracing "general" and "personal").

Tag spamming

Second, there's the potential for abuse. Too many sites already overload their Webpages with meta keywords that have nothing to do with their subject matter, in order to draw traffic. There's nothing to stop people from stuffing their posts with irrelevant tags which then show up on Technorati's tag pages (and could drown out the legit stuff), but I guess Technorati would ban their sites in that case - if they found out.

I'm not sure what can be done about that, apart from blacklisting "bad" sites. If this is done however, it must be done intelligently. I'm still trying to work out if my blog got blacklisted for having so many tags on one page, but as you can see if you scan the posts on my main blog page, I wasn't engaging in tag spamming. I was trying to use variations on the same word to make sure that my tags were comprehensive enough, plus there are several posts (and therefore even more tags) on the main page, because that was how I had to set my blog so that my Feedburner animator would cycle through the last few posts (instead of just sitting on one static post). I have asked Technorati if this is why my blog didn't get indexed, and I will report back when I hear from them.

(Updated on 10 January 2006)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this, it's been pretty useful since I have started playing with tags.

I'm still having a nightmare tying to get Technorati to list my entries under multiple tags though!

Anonymous said...

Great article. I implemented just as you described and found myself in Technorati within an hour of pinging the service!

Improbulus said...

Thanks for your comments, glad it's been of help.

In what way have you been having problems with multiple tags though, scaryfast?

Anonymous said...

I was struggling to get Technorati to list my entries under more than one tag, but this has since sorted itself out!

I put the list of tags in the body of each entry, and I think this did it!


Drew said...

I'm having a certain problem with technorati tags and my home-grown blog software. It seems like technorati will only index the first entry in my blog for a given day, rather than all the entries. Any idea why it would stop reading after it hit the end of the first entry?

My blog is at

and I've chosen the HTML myself, so it's possible that it's parsing for something that's not there or not expecting something that is there. If anybody knows a good format to use with technorati's HTML parser, I'd sure love to know. Thanks.

Improbulus said...

Scaryfast and Dewey, problems with Technorati to be escalating and seem to merit a separate post, which I am going to put up in a day or two (have been very busy!), so please check back in a couple of days.

Improbulus said...

My post on the problems with Technorati's tag pages is at

Tim W. said...

This is the best explanation of Technorati tags that I have ever read. Better even than the copy on Technorati's own site. Well done!!! Thanks so much, Tim

ritzy said...

Brilliant information! The help pages at Blogger and Technorati doesn't provide much useful information but this is great, I'll start right away. Thank you som much.

ritzy said...

It's been two minutes since I pinged technorati after posting a tag and I'm not listed yet! :-(

Instead of trying out a tag generator, I'll use Bloggers Post Editor (format section). I've just preconfig it to include the keywords I'm always using, like Egypt, then if I need I'll just add to the list.

You made my day. Thanks again!

ritzy said...

OK my last comment on this...
It works, my post has now appeared in technorati's search. Just to say thank you.

Anyway, I might also share that Bloggers editor doesn't keep multiple tag words unless it is a plus sign their between. Technoratis own script generator however didn't include plus signs in the href line it suggested.

cheers for now

Improbulus said...

Ritzy, thanks for your comments. Glad it worked! As for tags with multiple words, have a look at this post particularly the Greasemonkey script which enables you to make the built-in Blogger post creator/editor accept multiple word tags if you're using Firefox.

litsl said...

Nice blog on tags. One thing I want to do is to get categories working within blogger, a little like you have done. However, on re-direct to technorati I dont want to see all posts from all blogs for a category, like 'dogs' I just want to see 'my-blog:dogs' if you know what I mean. Dog categories on my own site. Am I being thick? Do I just need to create goofey sounding category names to ensure they remain MINE ALL MINE in technorati??



Improbulus said...

Thanks litsl. I don't have true categories on my blog, it's manual. But I am working on a way to achieve this - categories seems to be the Holy Grail for Blogger users! Meanwhile, yes goofey names it is (though of course others could tag with your goofey name too).

Update: here's one way to add categories manually; and the principles for a semi-automatic way, practical howto to follow soon.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with the target="_blank" code in my links. I was pinging repeatedly, and not being indexed.

I removed that bit of the code, and viola, there I was in the index within minutes.

I would much rather not funnel traffic off my blog to Technorati with no way to get back, but I suppose being indexed is more important...

Improbulus said...

Thanks Kent that's interesting. Supposedly it shouldn't make a difference, but clearly it does...

Has anyone actually managed to get indexed on Technorati using target="_blank" for their tags, at all?

Cthulhu Geek said...

Thanks for the informative post, I was just starting to learn about tags, and this was most edifying. :)


Improbulus said...

Thanks for your comment Ctulhu Geek, glad it was helpful. Happy tagging!

Richard said...

Congrats on being listed on Technorati's Help / How-To's page. This is, indeed, very useful info about tags. I've been learning about tags and created a game to make exploring tags a little more fun. Please take a look at TagMan when you have a chance and let me know what you think. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this wonderful blog.

I would like to have my blog featured in the featured blog (in technorati's homepage) so I signed up to technorati; wrote a brief description on my blog and pinged. Then, I also wanted to have tags - so in "configure yr blog" I added 9 "categories" and checkmarked the box saying "Include this blog in blog finder". Now, near my small description - I see the categories I chose; but I cant seem to find any of my posts in technorati tags. I added the [tagname]
and in [tagname] placed my specific tag categories, but nothing happens. Anyway - I am very confused and dont know the difference between tags, blog finder etc.

thanks in advance for any help. Technorati FAQ really make it complex to understand.

Anonymous said...

Another question if I may -

does each and every individual post need a special tag with the link I wrote above - or can I just add my entire blog to the different tag pages?

thanks again

Improbulus said...

Richard, that's kinda fun. But how do you pick which tags to use? They seem to be mostly names (people, places) when I've tried. Why not other subjects too?

Richard said...

The TagMan game randomly picks tags from Technorati's tags page. I'll have to update the TagMan FAQ since they've changed that page. There used to be 250 tags on the page. Now there are 100 tags + however many they put in the "Hot Tags This Hour" section. From the FAQ, you can play my new Squidoo version which pulls words (tags) for the game from their tag cloud. Might be a bit more variety there.

Improbulus said...

Anon, thanks for your comments. To answer your questions, there are now two ways that Technorati shows tagged blogs.

Their Blog Finder aims to help people find blogs which are generally on a particular topic of interest to them, e.g. politics, or knitting. So you can tag entire blogs with the tags most relevant to that blog, especially with blogs on a particular theme.

But you can also tag individual posts e.g. with UK, or knitting needles. My post above is on the latter, on how you tag individual posts. And yes you do have to tag each of them individually if you want them to appear on Technorati's tag pages.

If you want to find out how to tag your whole blog as well, so that your blog appears in the list of topics in Technorati's Blog Finder for searching for blogs by general topic, then see my separate post about that. (I've edited my post above to add a cross reference and fuller explanation of all this, please read that explanation)

You don't need to read the whole of my other post to tag your blog, though, especially as the second half deals with a separate issue, which is how you can figure out which tags you've used the most for your own posts, and how many there are of each. The Technorati help page on tagging your blog (what they call "listing" your blog) is clear enough I think, you just use the Configure your Blog tab after you've signed in to fill in the main categories for your blog, but if you need more help let me know.

Improbulus said...

Thanks for the explanation Richard!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks so much for your kind help. I will read all the material you suggested later on and will let you know if I succeeded. Thanks so much for your help!

From me,

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can be of help:
I am in eblogger and need help regarding the following. maybe you can assist me:

1. how do I add RSS to my blog?

2. how do i add favorite links on the side of my blog?


Improbulus said...

Sorry anon, I'm not familiar with eblogger or their template and you didn't leave your blog URL to check out. I'd suggest you try asking on Blogger forum. Good luck.

And to the other "Anon", glad it helped, and let me know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

gr8 info

quick question - do u know how i can add flags of my visitos country to my blog? and also how do i add rss?


Improbulus said...

Daisy, what's the URL of your blog, what platform do you use e.g. Blogger, Wordpress? Not sure what you mean about flags of your visitors' countries, do you mean manually adding pics of flags for countries where you know your visitors come from? It would be quite a business tying in your stats (showing where your visitors come from) with your blog template so that the latter automatically changes to show flags from each new country!

As for RSS, given the demand I'll probably do an introductory post on feeds soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your excellent post on Technorati tags. Is there a way, that you have found, to edit a tag? I posted an incorrect tag last night and I would like to correct it on my blog. I'd appreciate your help. Thanks.

Improbulus said...

Thanks Ralph.

To edit a tag, just edit the post itself - the tag is simply code added within the body of the post, usually at the end. On Blogger, it's the Posting tab, Edit posts. Remember you need to correct not just the link text but also the text at the end of the URL, it's the latter that determines which tag page your post will appear on.

Then republish the post, make sure the post is still on the main page of your blog or most of the blog search engines won't index it, and then to get them to come back and reindex your post with the corrected tag, ping Technorati or use something like Ping-o-matic to ping the other search engines too (though beware that it has had some problems lately).

Improbulus said...

Sam asked:

"I'm wondering if there's been any new advances in making tech tags easier to put in my blogger posts?

Also, more do you protect yourself from trackback spam using Haloscan?"

I'm replying here so others with the same questions will see the answers too.

First, there are 2 easy ways to tag your Blogger posts. Either use Firefox and a Greasemonkey script to append at the end of your blog post the tags for the tag words you type in, see these posts, or else use a special bookmarklet in Firefox to produce the code to copy/paste into your blog post. (About bookmarklets)
On Haloscan trackback spam, you have to click the "Report Spam" link that appears when you hover over a trackback item on your Manage Trackback page, and OK it. When enough people report a particular type of spam then Haloscan deals with it eventually. I wish they had a better system like maybe introducing word verification, but that's the only way so far.

Ipod said...

Really Great information on tags, i have started using tages on my blog



talk said...

Great article. I need it badly for my technorati tags.

Improbulus said...

Thanks for your comments Andy and Talksmart, glad to have been of help!

whoiam said...

I wanted to E-mail you but the browser I was using ,opera, hasn't an account set up yet.I don't use microsofts "default",which in this country can't be removed.We do indeed have the best government corporate money can buy.I wish to thank you for all the long hours of hard work you have spent on this,and your generosity in giving it to the public.Thank you also for not using trickery on a purely commercial site, behind" pretend" helpful headings.I have a few of my song lyrics on my blog in I found the basic technorati easy enough and input twenty ping tags I still don't fully understand because, young geeks mostly don't speak non geek english.It is assumed that one has a web savvy background.I suggested to them that they should get their grandmother,who uses E-mail and plays freecell, to make a blog somewhere,then try to fully use technorati.I'm sure that the young people are laughing ,while they are excluding millions of people and dollars.That is the way it has been for many years.

Improbulus said...

Thanks for your comments whoiam, I appreciate them. I'm glad my blog has been of help to you.

Anonymous said...

A most informative post!

Anonymous said...

Great. Now I understand. I don't understand why technorati wouldn't have a nice little explanation of tags prominently on their site, but that's another story...

Improbulus said...

Thanks for the comments.

Ben, well at least Technorati do link to this post!

James Kiyozaki said...

Dear Author

I am abit slow here, can help me out?

When Technorati said to include a 'code' must be in your blog's template for the Technorati display - where Exactly do I insert this 'code' in my account?

I am no IT savy/technical person - so can you show me step-by-step?


Improbulus said...

Acres of Diamond, can you please elaborate? When you say "When Technorati said" can you include a link to the page containing that statement by Technorati? If you are talking about tagging your posts, the code for tagging the post just needs to be inserted into the body of your post, you don't need to amend your template. There are tools to help you with this.

If you're talking about code which Technorati say has to be inserted into your template to claim your blog on Technorati, that's a different matter entirely. I'll try to help if you can post the link.

Anonymous said...

Love this article, Improbulus! I'm sad to say I've become disenchanted with Technorati. I used to get great traffic from it and always showed up in the tag results within minutes of pinging. Until this past May. Now even when I ping manually, my new posts never show in the results and days creep on without my posts even being indexed. I've lost a lot of traffic. Per your advice, I've emailed their support team but what gives? I think they are overloaded with all the new subscribers. Anyway here's my blog:

Holler if you have any thoughts or know of any other listing services! Hugs, Roxie

Jim Haynes said...

I have two blogs, both using Blogger. I have “claimed these blogs and pinged both. One,, new articles appear very quickly, within an hour or less, in Technorati. The other,, only articles I wrote over 45 days ago appear. The “Publish site feed” is set as Yes, and I have imbedded the Technorati “ping” code in the template, but still I can not get the recent articles to appear in Technorati.

Improbulus said...

Roxie and Jim, thanks for your comments.

Roxie I agree Technorati support seems not to be able to keep up with demand though it was a lot worse before they hired Janice. Perhaps you could email Janice Myint direct? I still get a few hits from Technorati tag pages, and they pick up my posts quite quickly, but there have been times when they didn't.

Jim, with Blogger blogs, embedding the ping code in the template doesn't do anything, you need to check your Blogger settings to add your blog to Blogger's listings). Is your site feed set to output the FULL feed? Again if all else fails (and your new posts should appear within the hour if not less), you should contact Technorati support or email Janice Myint direct.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

This is just a comment so the page will republish, I was looking at it and it had gotten only half created by Blogger so I'm adding a comment via google cache to repub it. Will be nice when you move to beta so no more blogger publishing probs. :-)

Improbulus said...

As per this post, here is a query by Sheelagh:


I hope you don't mind me emailing with a question re. Technorati tags - as you seem to be an expert!

I have a new blog with 12 or so postings and only one posting (A generosity of spirit and a new kind of Christmas) is showing up when you do tag searches.

I've emailed T. but have not heard back.

The guy who set up my blog seems to have done everything right, although I notice that in my blog there is a space after the final > and the descriptive word(s), eg, the coding below in my blog there would be a spae before the second ref. global. Could this cause a problem? Even if it does, however, it doesn't explain why postings from one article show and not the others.

Can T. take a while to go through one's blog and recognise tags? But once again, even if it does, this doesn't explain why the tags from the one article showed quickly and others don't (and I've checked throughly on more obscure tag words).

Hope to hear from you, and many thanks, (really enjoy your blog, by the
way) Sheelagh


My reply:
Thanks for the query Sheelagh and for your kind comments on my blog.

Your blog seems to have been set up correctly. I think the issue may be what I covered above. I've had problems with some pages not getting tagged too - to this day.

The only thing to do is to keep trying Technorati support (you may have to adjust the no. of posts on your main page to include the problem posts, until they fix it, if they can). Have you tried emailing Janice Myint direct? I'd suggest that if Technorati support still haven't responded. Good luck! But I warn you that you may just have to live with the fact that some of your posts will never appear on their tagged pages properly - some of my best posts aren't, certainly.

Bowtie said...

Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed and thorough tutorial. This has helped me no end and all my previous tagging problems are now solved.

Cheers bud.

Improbulus said...

And thanks for your comment bud, you're very welcome. Glad your tagging problems are sorted!

Anonymous said...

Heh, I knew this! that will be =)
Really, -tag cloud- visualization business is also one hecks of an eye sore from a usability standpoint =\

Improbulus said...

Thanks for your comment Lip plumper. I'm not at all against tag clouds myself, they're useful as a quick snapshot.

Richard said...

Wow, I last left a comment here about a year ago. Interesting to see this is still an "active" blog post. I originally found this post from the Technorati site. Today, I'm back after doing a Google "technorati tags" search. Thought you might be interested in TagBuildr, a tool that builds an alternative to Technorati tags. I realized that Technorati benefits more than anybody else with all the backlinks to their site. Quite clever of them, really. But, since the tags use the rel-tag microformat, the links don't have to go to their site.

Each tag link on my site goes to a TagSummary page which includes tag resources on Flickr, and Squidoo, as well as Technorati. So, the links themselves should be useful, in their own right.

Anyway, let me know what you think - when you have a chance.

Improbulus said...

Nice to see you back here Richard and thanks for your further comment!

Neat tool, thanks for writing it and the links on the TagSummary page that your TagBuildr tags point too are indeed helpful - but Technorati in fact do something like that on their tag pages in different tabs for Flickr pics, videos, podcasts etc with that tag. They might even have included Delicious tags too at one point but they removed that section, unless my memory fails me.

Anonymous said...

Hello, i'm a web-master, and you post is a very usefull for me. I will read you blog always. Thnx you.

Andrey, from St. Petersburg

Improbulus said...

Andrey, thanks for your comment, it's always good to get feedback and especially to know that my post has helped someone. Cheers.

R. Richard Hobbs said...

In regard to tag spamming, in a perfect world, to my mind, a company such as Technorati would have a service similar to or the defunct Tagyu to which you feed a blog post and it would somehow magically (maybe like the secret Google pagerank algorithms? return the ideal tags for that text.

I spose yahoo terms extraction comes close but I havent figured out how to use it except in Ultimate Tag Warrior in Wordpress. And even then sometimes it throws me some mighty odd tag phrases.

Its very hard to be objective about tagging manually when you are not only trying to communicate ideas, (blogging) but trying to make sure what you are saying gets seen (seo)


Improbulus said...

Richard, thanks for your interesting observations.

That sort of tool would be great. I guess if a search engine appeared which could really process webpages properly by concept, which effectively amounts to true auto-classification, we wouldn't need to include tags separately and Google would have some serious competition on its hands.

Even doesn't quite work as one would like if you feed it a URL, as it also takes in the sidebar text etc (if you're talking about a blog post).

It's quite fun though feeding it text and seeing what tags it produces! I think these kinds of tools still have a long way to go.

I'm glad you've at least been able to figure out Yahoo Terms Extraction in Wordpress. It would be nice if Google/Blogger offered something similar.

On manual tagging, surely if tags properly reflect what you're trying to communicate, then they'll serve the same purpose for SEO? I wouldn't want to tag a post with something that wasn't relevant to it just to get the tag picked up by search engines; I'd use relevant tags for the double whammy (same concepts in both main body and tags), which should help on the SEO front. Assuming that search engines don't ignore tags altogether when indexing in order to avoid the tag spammers, of course.

Ryan R. Dlugosz said...

I found this page while trying to figure out if there was a simple blogger widget that would automatically generate Technorati Tags. I mainly wanted them in order to get my posts tagged over there, not realizing that they already were!

Turns out that the Labels in Blogger are set up with the rel=tag attribute automatically, which is all technorati needs to do it's thing. Well, that and your feed I guess, but that gets sent out all over via my Feedburner setup.

Thanks for a detailed article!

Improbulus said...

Thanks for your comments Ryan, and I'm glad the article was useful.

Yes, Blogger labels will get picked up as tags by Technorati. Labels were only introduced by Blogger last year and didn't exist when I first wrote that post. I ought to update it, thanks for kicking me into action on this!

Minchin Web said...

Regarding the Google spell check, I seem to remember reading that through one of their API's, you could tap into their spell checking abilities. The best official thing I could find was on Google's SOAP Search API, but it also says on the site that they aren't giving out new keys to tap into the service.

Hope someone find that useful...who knows? Maybe even Technorati will tap into it!

Improbulus said...

Thanks minchin web. Not heard of much being done with Google spellcheck, myself, but no doubt it's all English (US) only anyway... (wry grin).

Unknown said...

One huge WOW! Ok I think I know too much for where I am on the learning curve. I will take what jsut sunk in and come back fro more later! Thanks!

Improbulus said...

Thanks for your comment Sue. Hope my post is helpful!

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you know if Technorati tags can be changed once the site has been pinged? I spelled a name incorrectly in a tag, resubmitted it, but the new tag is not showing up. Thanks, Sheelagh

Improbulus said...

Sheelagh, please see in my post above where I quoted what Technorati support told me "However, if a post has been indexed before and the tags indexed before, then changing the tags, deleting or adding tags to the post, to my knowledge do not get indexed at this time."

Rick Rockhill said...

wow- lots of answers here..thanks for the excellent info. Can you add me to your blogroll as well??


Improbulus said...

Thanks for your comment Palm Springs Savant, glad it was helpful.

My blogroll is automatic, it lists everyone on the BlogHerRoll, I don't do a manual blogroll.

Syahid said...

nice article! i've wondered if the labels are on blogger are of any use to technorati and you cleared all my doubts! thanks for the manual tagging tips too!

Improbulus said...

Thanks for your comment Syahid!

Yes the labels should be picked up on Technorati. But you can still use tags separately with the Greasemonkey tagger. You might look on labels as high level categories, and tags as specific keywords - I'm certainly starting to use them in that way.

Windyridge said...

This is an excellent article and it answered a lot of questions for me. Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...


Really very helpful article. I could apply this very well for my blog. Thanks a lot.

I have a few questions if you don't mind me putting them forth:

Can I use the same method for my website also .... applying the tags at the bottom of the page?

I have another question: You have a complete domain(url is why is it considered as a blog? Maybe because the look is like that of blog. Am I correct?

Looking forward for your reply

Anonymous said...


This post is really good. And helpful to everyone.
Can you please tell me is there any specific tool to index all my posts in technorati??



Chandan said...

Sir I am reading your tutorial about how to change my blogspot blog to custom domain. Your tutorial is really very nice. Thank you

With regards


Kara said...

Thanks for the helpful post!

My blogging platform doesn't support a majority of the Technorati plugins for creating tags, so I've been using Turbo Tagger to simplify the process:

Hope this helps!

Write Stories Online said...

Great tutorial and a lot of good, useful information. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...


abendkleid said...

You have to give here a fantastic introduction here. Your introduction of Technorati tags provide a great guide to those who have no knowledge about it and who are new to this field

Brad Fallon said...

How do you create tagged pages on a Web site?

Brad Fallon said...

Is is possible to group together or archive posts in categories in blogger?