Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Who's linking to your blog?

To see how many blogs or sites have linked to your blog over the last 30 days, with graphs of links per day both inbound and outbound, try searching for your blog URL on Pubsub's SiteStats page. [Updated 19 Jan 2006 as they've changed their site round since the original post.]

try the search box at the top of the Linkrank page at Pubsub. That link leads to a page listing the top 100 linked-to sites, which takes a while to load, so if you're impatient just enter your blog or site URL in the box below and hit the button (you can leave out the initial "http://" from your URL but - this is important! - do NOT include any final "/" in the URL you enter, or it won't work - at least, it didn't for me):

(This Pubsub linkcount search page I sussed out isn't listed on their site, but loads much more quickly as it doesn't include the top 100. My form above does exactly the same thing, though.)

Should anyone be remotely interested in my recent inlinks (if only to see an example!), here's my own 30-day linkcount history.

Code for your blog template

If you want to put a link in your blog template which people - like you! - can click to check that history for your own blog, just insert the code

<a href="<$BlogURL$>">Your link text here</a>

into your template, for Blogger (changing "Your link text here" to whatever text you like, of course). Or if you're not on Blogger change <$BlogURL$> to whatever code is shorthand on your platforom to represent your blog's URL - or you could just hardcode in the exact link (it's quicker if you leave out the "http://") e.g. in the example above I just used <a href="">

Points to note

Note that the linkcount tool counts links to your blog only if the blog or site linking to you has a site feed which contains those links (instead of e.g. just headlines or summaries of the post or Webpage). In other words, they only count links appearing in newsfeeds.

Also the info about inbound links isn't as good as say Technorati's:
  • you can check out exactly who linked to you (as opposed to how many sites or links have linked to you) only for the last 10 days not the full 30 days, and
    [updated as they've now enabled 30-day look back]
  • they only provide a link back to the main page of the blog or site which linked to you, rather than the URL of the exact post or page containing that link.
Maybe as Pubsub develop their service, they'll improve on that.

I'm planning to write a full general intro to Pubsub, which calls itself a "matching service" rather than a search engine, along the lines of my guide to Technorati tags - if I can get some answers out of them, that is. If not, I'll just be posting loads of issues and queries I've had about their service instead!

Meanwhile, to coin a phrase, enjoy egolinkcounting...

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TaB said...

Ive used this one (secretly) hehe. I like what you have done here, I may give this a shot too.

ChickyBabe said...

Cool! Just what I needed, another obsession...LOL!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments on PubSub's LinkCounts!
When comparing PubSub's LinkCounts to Technorati's stuff, it is important to remember that we're presenting very different numbers than they do. Thus, while one set of numbers may be "better" for your specific purposes, it doesn't really make much sense to compare them directly. For instance, in the LinkCounts reports, we show the number of inlinks and outlinks by "site" -- this is data that you can't get anywhere else and isn't very easy to calculate. (Note: It will *seem* easy until you actually try to do it...) Certainly, we've got all the data in our system that would be needed to replicate the same numbers that lots of other people (Technorati, BlogPulse, etc) are reporting. But, just doing the same old thing wouldn't be very interesting or very useful...

Anyway, I hope you find LinkCounts to be useful. If you have any more ideas on how to make it better serve your needs, please don't hesitate to let me know.

bob wyman

Anonymous said...

I tried it out, but it don't seems to be very accurate, or should i say it is not accurate at all.

Improbulus said...

Many thanks for your comments, and sorry for the delay in my response.

Tab yeah I've tried that Who Links to Me too, but like you invisibly in the early days! Now I've got a few links I'll leave it in though I doubt anyone will click on it but me...

Bob I appreciate your noting my post, and I'm definitely going to be taking you up on that offer regarding feedback though it will be more questions from me first!

M Taher said...
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M Taher said...

Hi Improbulus
Thank you for egolinkcounting...
I have started using pubsub. Incidentally, today wholinkstome was inactive, and while I started looking for an alternative, I found your guide on how to be pubsubarian.
Best, Mohamed
Visit and comment on my second blog: Multifaith Information Gateway

Improbulus said...

Thanks for your comment Dr M, hope you found my guide useful.