Sunday, 29 May 2005

ID cards: a child's view

I'm pretty vociferously anti-ID cards and I've previously explained in more detail why: I think they won't do what they're supposed to and instead will waste billions of taxpayers' money which could and should be spent much more effectively, like getting us more, better-trained and better-equipped police and security services personnel, healthcare professionals and teachers (plus of course improving the public transport system).

But even a bright 10 year old can spot the flaws in the proposed anti-terrorism UK ID card scheme.

A friend's kid heard it discussed on the radio and asked about it. My friend attempted to explain the supposed merits of ID cards as per the party Labour (and indeed Conservative) line.

The child's reaction was to say:
"But they can fake passports, so why can't terrorists copy ID cards too?"

"Who has to have ID cards? Only British people? Why can't a terrorist come here from outside the UK, plant a bomb, then leave again?"


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TaB said...

Its amazing isn’t it, the tripe they try to sell us to combat issues.

I read an article about chipping passports, I’ll try and get my paws on it again, but it made me think “this is something you would find interesting.”

Improbulus said...

It is indeed. Look forward to that article, sounds interesting.