Thursday, 23 June 2005

Blogher bloggers' conference: in London?

[Added 13 July:] It's off, but there's another meet you can go to if you're interested in meeting fellow bloggers - see this post.

[Added 5 July:]With very many thanks to Cory Doctorow and Gwendolyn Carpenter of the Stanhope Center, we now have the possible offer of a venue in Central London for Sunday 31 July. Probably late morning/early afternoon. However it's not worth going ahead if not enough people are interested. So if you're a UK blogger and would like to attend, can you please let me know ASAP by posting a comment or emailing me? Ideas for topics are welcome too but I thought if nothing else we could mirror some of the topics to be discussed at Blogher. As with the Blogher conference all would be welcome, female or male, newbies or long-time bloggers.

I posted about this conference before, and a contest (which has now closed) for a free place. The Blogher conference (see is happening on Saturday 30 July in California ("specifically cultivating the female blogging community", but open to all bloggers including men and beginners).

Personally I'd love to go but it's too short notice, I only heard about it about a week or two ago, and even if I just went for the weekend and took 2 days off work, to be frank the plane flight will cost too much (700 quid *gulp!*) for just a weekend there - wish they had one several days or a week long, or that I'd had time to combine it with a week's holiday in California afterwards!

There was a suggestion of people meeting up anyway, wherever they were: "Please use this post to link off to your blogs, where you can suggest a time and place for a July 30 BlogHer meet-up near you. Bring on the jpegs and podcasts!"

So if there was a venue available, perhaps we could have a simultaneous(ish) parallel meet up in London? Maybe even with a broadband connection set up so we could watch or listen to some of the live streams, over here? With the time difference (8 hours behind GMT) we can probably only catch the morning sessions live, as their afternoon ones will take us way beyond midnight.

In which case alternatively we could maybe meet on the Sunday 31 July and catch up with the previous day's podcasts etc there, and then perhaps discuss it?

It's a thought… is anyone interested, and if so do you think Saturday 30 July or Sunday 31 July is better? Most importantly, is anyone going to offer a venue or suggest a possible one? (Gotta be London, out of sheer self-interest, I'm entitled to say that as I think I'm the first one to raise the idea of a UK parallel meet - "conference" would be too grand a term for it!)

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TaB said...

Great idea that, especially streaming the conference for the world to see. And its officially a conference if you wear a “Hello my name is..” tag hehe what would the agenda be? Any guest speakers? I have read Harry (the other prince) is a bit of a Blogger, any clues to the location of his site? Maybe we could all meet at his nans house? Hehe

Neat idea – the conference, not the prince.

Improbulus said...

Glad you like the idea Tab. Sadly there's hardly any response. Wonder why? There are tons of bloggers in London, I just joined BritBlog!

Yeah sure, Harry & me are just like that, we are. No problem to go to his nan's. But no one wants to join us, we're billynomates, boohoo.

Anonymous said...

There is already one being organised for that weekend: check out sevitz dot com.

Anonymous said...

What's the status on this? I just read about this today. I'd love to come.

Anonymous said...

I'd be up for it. I know of at least three others who I'm sure would love to come as well.

How many people have showed an interest so far?