Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Bloggers' meet 31 July

[Edited 14 July]: OK, I found the link for the meet at the pub on 31 July (organised by Adrian of Sevitz) - here it is. I'm not much of a pub person but I hope to be there, though I'm unlikely to be naked!

I didn't have enough replies to make it worth trying to go ahead with a "conference" style meet even though we had a great offer of a venue, so it's off - sorry.

There is a bloggers' meet going on at the same time in a pub, which people can go to (and I hope to attend too, though I'm not much of a pub person myself!).

This is just a quick post to give people notice, later tonight I'll post more details of the pub meet and send them to the people who'd indicated their interest.

However if anyone is interested in a more formal structured bloggers' conference here in London, BlogHer-style or just more general, with speakers, workshops etc, to take place another time in the future (but with a lot more advance notice to people next time), please let me know (especially if you would like to be involved in setting it up), and I may think about organising one for next year.

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TaB said...

me pls add me to the list..
I don’t need a yrs advance notice mind you hehe. maybe organisers should brainstorm a bit, can I be one hehe, I have organising outfits I never air out. :)

Adrian said...

Look forward to meeting you.

Anonymous said...

I would like to go...but I would really need a ride. If someone is going to London via Texas let me know. I don't take up too much space. ;-)

Improbulus said...

We should be able to sort something out, c'mon we'll have loads of time!

RR - if you can get a ride, you'll be there. Yes?