Monday, 22 August 2005

Copyfighters London, 21 August 2005

[Edited 26 November 2005: to simplify and speed up loading after I installed the fab Delicious Playtagger script. Click the right arrow icon by a speech to listen to the speech.]

Cory Doctorow

The sixth London Copyfighters' Drunken Brunch and Talking Shop took place yesterday.

As Cory Doctorow puts it, these brunches involve "eat[ing] between 11AM and 1PM, stuffing our faces with bagels, pastries, cold-cuts, veggies, a variety of schmears, and cheap champagne-process wine from Spain mixed with fresh OJ. Once we are suitably lubricated, we will, as a mass, cross the road to Speaker's Corner and orate on the subject of copyright, DRM, the weather -- whatever."

Not as many people turned up as at the last ones I attended, not surprisingly given the holiday season, but there were still quite a few people, the chat was interesting and the speeches suitably rousing.

Above is Cory's pic, and you can playback his introductory speech below:
Cory's kickoff speech

Below are more pics - to get to the page to play back someone's speech, just click on their pic (be warned - all speeches are in their unexpurgated glory, hecklers and all, so don't listen unless you don't mind the language - one heckler was particularly fond of swearing at the speakers...). (I didn't include the pic/speech of one person as the speaker didn't want me to put them online - I do always check before I do anything like this, as to me respecting the privacy of those concerned is paramount).

Suw Charman

Rufus Pollock

Becky Hogge
Becky Hogge (no link to speech)

Nathan Lewis
Nathan Lewis: play his speech

And finally:

Nathan's second speech; and

Cory's wrap up speech.

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ChickyBabe said...

What about Improbulus' photo? Speech is optional ;).

Improbulus said...

Hey you've already seen my pic CB, check my profile! Like the hair, yes? :-D