Monday, 22 May 2006

LG Chocolate KG800 mobile phone: camera frameshot fun 3

Having said in my main review of the LG KG 800 Chocolate multimedia phone that frameshot mode for the camera is rather gimmicky, it's still kinda fun, so here are some pics. (And incidentally, for a photo of how Lara Croft might wear this phone, see this post!)

They're only of walls or doors, as all potential human models I approached ran away screaming - odd that, you'd have thought they'd be delighted to have photos of them with pirate hat and eyepatch posted on the Net, but there's no accounting for taste...

Now remember, if you want to use Frameshot mode you need to go to Camera, options (the left soft key, it's a symbol rather than "Options" as in the other menus for some strange reason), pick Size then 176x220 and OK. Then go to the Mode option, pick Frameshot and OK, use the right and left arrow keys to choose the frame shot overlay you want, then - again for some strange reason - as OK doesn't work to select the particular frameshot (it should, a usability minus here), you have to use the Back key (the right soft key) to get back to the main camera, and take your shot in the usual way by holding down the OK.

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