Saturday, 31 July 2010

Zyb closing TODAY - save your contacts

Online contacts backup & sync service Zyb is closing down today.

Zyb were taken over by Vodafone and unfortunately on their home page the URL of the new service is obscured in some browsers in some resolutions, see top right below! (nor is the info shown after you login):

So if you want to continue with Zyb here's the URL you need to register on (for free): (actually See Vodafone note on this.

If you don't want to sign up with Vodafone, here's a tip: as the zyb-import people (whose software enables Zyb contacts to be imported to Android mobile phones) kindly pointed out, my previous blog post has instructions on how to get your contacts into and, more importantly now, out of Zyb. My method's phone-agnostic, it's not just for Android cellphones.

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Zoé Hawes said...

Hi there

I've just read your post on the closing of Zyb. Some of the links in this post are no longer working and so I wondered whether it is now too late for me to obtain my previously saved contacts from my Zyb account (I recently lost my phone.)

This vodafone link ( seems to deal with the question of wanting to back up contacts now rather than obtaining previously saved contacts.
Many thanks