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Nokia 7710 smartphone: how to set up for Gmail

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I've recently got myself a Nokia 7710 smartphone - that's a PDA combined with a mobile phone (big landscape screen, touchscreen only). Lovely, lovely, lovely high resolution colour screen, great for web browsing. A full review and tips will follow.

But for now, here's how to set it up to use it to receive and send email from your Gmail account.

Enable POP access in Gmail

This is covered in the Gmail help. 'Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on' would be the quickest option, in my view. I also set it to keep Gmail's copy in the Inbox, just in case.

How to configure the 7710 for Gmail POP

The 7710 is not covered in the Gmail help, the closest is the generic help page. But I had to experiment a bit to get it to work.

So here's what to do - screenshots courtesy of freeware S90Capture - and yes, the screen is that clear.

From Desk, open Messaging:

In Messaging choose menu Tools, New mailbox:

You get the Mailbox Setup Wizard. Click Next:

Enter your mailbox name of choice, and pick POP3 for the mailbox type:

Enter your Gmail user details, i.e. display name, your Gmail user name and password, and your Gmail address (pity there's no copy/paste working in that screen) - for user name, note that you have to include the "" at the end. [Edited 5 Sept 2005:] BIG RED WARNING - it's really really easy to get your password wrong, especially if you use handwriting recognition and forget to switch (or switch back) to text or numbers or uppercase/lowercase etc (REMEMBER: with the handwriting recognition it's not whether you write in upper or lower case, but the setting you pick - you can write in uppercase and yet it will display, and be taken for, lowercase, if it's been set to lowercase, and vice versa). Be very careful, and take your time. The stuff you enter actually flashes up in the password box for half a second before it becomes a *, so watch that as you do it to check you've got it right. If you got it wrong and then you can't get in, and you go back and edit your settings (Tools, Message settings, E-mail) to try re-entering your password again, and you finally get it right, you may still have the wrong password in a later step which you ALSO have to correct manually, see below.

Then for server details enter and as shown below, and tap Next:

You get this "Mailbox Setup Complete" screen - but DON'T click Finish, you're not finished yet!

In that screen, tap Advanced, and you get this:

Set Retrieval as you like, it's not critical - e.g. retrieve Headers only, or Msgs. and attachments. I upped the e-mail size limit, myself. Password authentication should REMAIN Normal, don't change that. By NOT ticking Retrieve e-mails to Inbox, it will create a separate folder for your Gmail account, which I personally think is better (if you tick this, everything goes into your Inbox and is mixed up with your text messages etc).

The Sending tab isn't vital either, choose the settings you want here.

Then tap the Outgoing server (SMTP) tab, and tick Authentication required - it automatically fills in your Gmail username and password. ([Edited 5 Sept 2005:] BIG RED WARNING - if you entered your password wrong in the User Details screen above, and find you can't connect to Gmail, so you go back and correct the password there, note that the password in the Outgoing server tab does NOT automatically get corrected too - therefore you'll find that you can retrieve/receive your Gmail, but you can't send it. To be able to send Gmail, you ALSO have to delete the mistyped password in the Outgoing server tab and then enter the correct password here, too - very carefully. See the warning above about handwriting recognition and text, numbers or uppercase/lowercase etc, and checking what you enter as it flashes up in the password box for half a second before it becomes a *):

Finally tap the Other tab, and this is what you'll see.

Now the order is important here. FIRST, set the Incoming e-mail port and Outgoing e-mail port to 995 and 465 respectively as shown below:

THEN, for Security you pick Secure port (POP3S), as below. (If you did that before you entered the port numbers, you wouldn't be able to set the 995 - it greys out, as you can see.)

Finally, tap OK, and in the next screen Finish, and you're done. You can use the menu E-mail, Retrieve and send option to, as it says, retrieve and send mail on a particular account, or all of them. (There's also an Auto-retrieve and send option which you can set if you wish for individual accounts).

To send email via your Gmail account, use the menu option Message, Create, E-mail. In the e-mail drafting screen, pick Sending Options in the right hand command bar, and there is a Mailbox in use field where you can select your Gmail account and tap OK.

One little thing to watch - Outgoing e-mail port, on my 7710 anyway, sometimes reverts to another number; reset it to 465 if necessary, and save.

Accessing my Gmail on the move on this gorgeous screen, bliss!

[Edited 6 May 2006:] Some things to watch:

Sometimes when you try to send/retrive Gmail it claims the site has sent an untrusted certificate - I just ignore that message and hit Continue anyway, and it seems to be fine for me..

More annoyingly, once you open (and retrieve) a particular email, next time you hit Send/retrieve the opened email disappears from the list on the 7710 so if you want to refer to it again, best to copy and paste the contents of the opened email to e.g. a document, before you next tap Send/retrieve. Profimail is supposed to keep even opened emails but I've not had the chance to try it properly yet.

But now I've worked how to save your Gmail so it doesn't disappear when you open another email. See that post for other gotchas and tips on using Gmail via POP on your Nokia 7710.

To stop it from always downloading ALL Gmail since a particular (same) date/time rather than the newest email, and also to save a few pennies if you pay for all data downloaded on your Nokia 7710, you can to tweak your Gmail settings each time you're logged on via your computer, before you sign out of Gmail - see this post.

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ChickyBabe said...

Lucky girl! If I were to access my blog gmail on the move, I'd be in heaven!!

Mirko said...

This is a seriously great phone judging from the screenshots. The screen must be wild! :)

You'll be blogging from it in no time!

Improbulus said...

CB, yeah it's fab! Not the speediest in the world, but better than not having the access at all...

Mirko this phone is one lurve feast for techies, lemme tellya! Full review to follow. But not sure about blogging from it. Nothing beats a full keyboard (including 5mx) for quick text entry, though the handwriting recognition on this one is superb and amazingly speedy.

TaB said...

I hate you!!
Furthermore, I don’t think you have the time to use that toy, and posting and bragging about it is just your way of showing off and its making me angry, upset, jealous and wanting to strangle you. I want one :( please give me yours. You don’t want to see me begging. (more) hehe

p.s. i cant read these bleedn word puzzles!!

Anonymous said...

If it just came with a built in Death-Ray I would have to get it. I'll hold off until then.

Improbulus said...

Tab, you can have a play (if you ever get around to arranging for us to meet up), OK? But only if you beg... :P

Err word puzzles??

Kirk - I just didn't post about the Death Ray. Wanna demo? :D

Anonymous said...

his kris this is not working i live in india bombay and use gprs from orange but wen i contacted them they told me i need advance gprs for thr will it work help me with a mail to .

Anonymous said...

the settings you posted are really great. but when i try to connect, it shows a window titled 'Connection security' and the text in it is 'This site has sent an untrusted certificate. Continue anyway.' Even after pressing the continue button, it does not continue. The same problem comes when i try to open the site Please tell me how do i change the browser security settings or any other settings which make these work. Please reply me at

Improbulus said...

On GPRS I think you have to go by what your provider (Orange) say, unfortunately.

On Connection security, I sometimes get the "untrusted certificate" too, but when I ignore it and go ahead anyway, it connects fine for POP. I do have trouble connecting to Gmail on the Web though (which is maybe what you're trying if you're going for Orkut)? I'd suggest for Gmail using Messaging rather than the browser, and contacting Google to tell them that 7710 users have problems accessing their sites via a browser.

Anonymous said...

hey man thats a very helpful tip of urs

Improbulus said...

No probs anon, glad to be of help.

Daniel said...

If you want to get rid of that annoying problem with untrusted certificate you might want to take a look at this:
untrusted certificate problem on symbian.

It works with s60, s60v2 but I dont see why wouldnt work with other symbian devices.. Try and share the result, I am really curious!

Improbulus said...

Thanks for the suggestion danyvip.

Unfortunately it doesn't work on the 7710. It might if the certificate could be copied into the correct folder but I don't seem to be able to copy it into any of the system folders let alone identify which folder I should copy it into. Any ideas, please let me know!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried installing it over the air? As far as I know symbian devices allow only over the air install for the certificates.. Give it a try while I'll dig for it..

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on this page when googling for a fix to my certificate issue trying to get gmail working nicely on my E60 (series60v3) and the over the air certificate on from the link Danyvip posted worked for me so thank you :)

Improbulus said...

Danyvip, sorry for the delay in replying. I've not tried installing it OTA. I've not figured how to do that with the 7710. Any ideas?

Anon, glad it worked for your series 60 at least!

Daniel said...

Hey man, sorry for not having time to reply, I am pretty busy with a big project these days. I haven't forgot about your issue and it really confuses me.. As I am a 7710 short :) I cannot test so I would like if you could give me more information about how this went.. You installed the certificate over the air? Everything worked fine when installing it? Did it raise an error? Have you tried installing thawte certificates?

Oh, another thing, if it's not too much I am asking, can you ask people who post working / not working on their phone to specify the phone model / software version and solltuion that worked for them (thawte / ocasta) ? This could help us getting some feedback..

PS: recently gmail seems to have changed certificates, not sure about this..

Yash said...

hi. I am trying to connect to gmail to be able to atleast see the header of new emails or send some but i get this error on my E60 intrnet server not found...what could that mean? I had gprs activated just today.

Improbulus said...

Hi danyvip, sorry I've been busy too. I tried navigating to your Thawte link via the browser on the 7710 but after filling in the form it just would not download, I tried it several times. Then I tried the Ocasta site and hit Download Equifax Certificate but got a "No valid application installed" message. Tried Save into My Files anyway. Then tried retrieving my Gmail over POP and, guess what, the same "untrusted certificate" box... Thanks for the suggestion, anyway! Any other thoughts?

Improbulus said...

Yash, I don't know what to suggest - you might check with your ISP that your internet settings on your phone are correct? And I don't have an E60, only a 7710, so no idea how to get it to work on an E60...

Yash said...

well, you were right about the isp settings. I reset my phone and used the new settings that they sent me and it worked. but am having another dilema. first time when it connected to mailbox, it downloaded the headers of 30 mail messages in my inbox. but from the next time, whenever I connect to my mailbox, it says its updating the mailbox and keeps downloading all the new emails completely. I think I also posted this on some other post on your blog.but u know the good thing? the retrieved email is automatically saved on the phone so we dont have to retrieve it again like on 7710.

Improbulus said...

Yash, it's possible that it will always keep downloading Gmail since a particular date/time (the same one) unless you update your POP settings on Gmail regularly. See this post.

Anonymous said...

I had made a setup as mentioned above. After connecting it is giving me error as "Invalid user name or password" I have tried lot of time by giving right username and password but still I m getting same error. I have also checked my id by login on gmail seperately. Can someone help me?

Improbulus said...

Tushar, not sure what to suggest. Can you connect to other websites and download other POP email? If not check your internet settings with your ISP.

Else, if you've been careful with the right username/password (in BOTH of the boxes I mentioned in my post) - I don't know what the problem could be. Try asking in My-Symbian forum? Good luck!

Anonymous said...


you forgot to enable POP in your gmail account settings !!!

At least was the problem for me.

Improbulus said...

Thanks Anon. And in fact the first thing I covered in my original post was "Enable POP access in Gmail" so I assumed Tushar had done that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys!
It is working now. I had Enabled POP access in Gmail but it didnt get saved that time due to some error.

Improbulus said...

Great, tushar, glad you've sorted it out now.

Anonymous said...

I made my settings before but the trouble is that I don't know how to make the Mailbox retreive only the unread messages, and not the whole inbox. It would spend all my credit, since on Gmail I have more then 250MB. I just want to retreive the unread ones..
Please mail me to

Improbulus said...

Regac, did you 'Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on' in your Gmail? I re-tick that from time to time (see the first heading in my post above) to ensure I confine the download only to the most recent mail. Not the same as unread messages, I know, but better than retrieving old messages too.

And if you set it to download headers only (see Advanced settings above - Retrieve: Headers only) then it'll only download the headers and you can choose which individual messages you want to read, which will again save on your credit.

Anonymous said...

I figured out that after each time I log in I reenable the "for mail that arrives from now on". But the fact of the matter is that it is annoying and I do forget it so when I get an email it then starts retrieving those messages. Although not that many, GPRS here is quite expensive and it does drain a lot. Anyways I gave up for the time being, well atleast until I/you/anyone gets an idea of how could it be done without that.
Thanks anyways...

Anonymous said...

i posted a comment yesterday but where is that in the list?

Improbulus said...

Regac, I agree it's a bit of a pain to remember.

But another option is to use the Web browser on the 7710 and login to Gmail that way. If you have Gmail set to display only a few emails per page, and particularly if you go to, the data download should be relatively small.

Anon, if you're not Regac please post again. Comments don't appear immediately, they're moderated to eliminate spam.

Anonymous said...

Hi 2 evrybdy. I rcntly updated my nokia 7710 to 4.10. Bt aftr tht th anti-virus sftwr, i.e. F-Secure is missin & th sound quality has bcom very poor. Anthr question - wht r th games n othr applications availble on net for ths device? Do i need a credit card?

Improbulus said...

Hi Anon have you tried installing F-Secure?

You can get applications and games for the 7710 from places like My Symbian's Series 90 page and they are very good as well as worth supporting.

Nits said...

Here are new settings for configuring Gmail in your Nokia 7710 inbox :

First of all enable IMAP in your Google mail settings

- Log in to Gmail.
- Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page.
- Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
- Select Enable IMAP.

1. Select 'Messaging' > Tools> New Mailbox
2. Mail Box Name - Gmail
3. Mail Box type - IMAP4
4. Give you user name, password & complete email address
5. (type in incoming server IMAP4)
6. (type in outgoing server SMTP)
7. Click "Advanced"
8. In "Outgoing server (SMTP)" tab type check authentication required and type your full & password
9. in "Other" tab select Security as "Secure (IMAP4S)"
10. Incoming & outgoing ports will be 993 & 587

Thats it.