Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Can't view blog? Delicious Playtagger script problem

([Edited 2 December:] The whole Delicious site had been down, it's all working again so I've now reinstated the script.)

Have you just found that you can't open any of your blog pages? Last night and this morning my blog wouldn't load - neither the main page nor any other pages.

Through status bar watching and trial and error I found out that the culprit was the Delicous Playtagger script which I've blogged about before. I guess must be having problems with their servers, maybe due to huge demand for that script, who knows.

So if you added the Delicious script previously and now your blog isn't loading (or your webpages aren't loading), try removing the script from your template and republishing, and see if it starts working again. I'll wait a while before trying to add the script back.

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