Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Blogger: delinking backlinks from comments

Blogger Buzz have just announced a couple of changes to the Create Post page on Blogger:
  • There's now a little "Post and Comment Options" line just underneath the box for your post text, which you can toggle (click it to show the comment and posting options plus date/time setting (and, if you've got the "Keep current time on posts" Greasemonkey script, the box for that too); click it again to hide them).
  • Comments and backlinks can now be turned on and off separately - you can allow comments but not backlinks on a particular post, or backlinks but not comments, or allow or disallow both, independently.
(Previously I'd blogged about how to include on your blog not just Google Backlinks to display Google Blog Search results for your post, but also search results from Technorati Cosmos, Icerocket Link Tracker, plus links to your blog on Bloglines and Blogpulse - these new tweaks don't change that, you can still automatically display links to other posts commenting on your post found via all those different search engines).

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Anonymous said...

well, that is nice to know.

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Improbulus said...

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