Monday, 11 December 2006

Blogger Beta: comments wishlist

Dear Team Blogger

Well it looks like my blog will be moving to Blogger Beta in the not too distant. I know you've been working hard on all sorts of nice whizzy features for Beta. But no rest for the diligent - I've been wondering about whether the commenting system on Beta could be improved even further (thanks for the changes so far e.g. the comments feeds!):
  1. UPDATE: hokay, so this is fixed in Beta, no longer Beta I should say - yay, and thank you Blogger Team!If I'm adding a comment to my own blog to reply to others' comments, and I'm logged in so you know it's me, please please could you fix it so I don't have to do the word verification CAPTCHA? (I sometimes type type the letters all wrong and have to redo it, my poor lil fingers have been working a lot lately and need a rest, plus it sure ain't stopping the spambots, just me!)
  2. Which reminds me, yet again, please build in an anti-comment spam thingy? I'm getting more spam comments than legit ones.
  3. And how about enabling bulk delete of comments (yes, including "forever") by ticking a checkbox against 'em in a list that I can call up? Say a list of all comments on a particular post, or a list of all comments (on any posts) made since a particular date, or both? Yes, it's those spam comments again.
  4. Please fix the unresizable window for comments popups at some point too? - if you've a chance...
  5. I suspect enabling editing of comments in Beta won't be on the cards (it probably wasn't even for classic Blogger, except that Kirk discovered a loophole which now seems closed). But what about giving the commenter a 60 second (or whatever) window to edit their comment after they've posted it, in case they then picked up a typo or wanted to rephrase something they said?
Yep. You can guess what I've spent all of this evening doing. Deleting comment spam. And, also, finally, finally, replying to my backlog of old comments (believe it or not, Commenting Day has arrived!). Better late than never, right?

All except the comments on my LG Chocolate phone posts, that is. Tons of 'em, mostly on the same sort of thing, I can't quite face them right now. I mean to do them all at once when I have a spare day, it'll take me at least that long. So please be patient if you've left a Chocolate question in a comment.

Ah well, onwards!

Yours etc


Anonymous said...

#1 Wishlist of Most of Bloggers:

Inline Comments ala Wordpress

Improbulus said...

You can get inline comments with Blogger with some tinkering, e.g. I have inline comments on my own post pages. But I agree Michael, it certainly would be good if it were easier to implement it.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Imp - I have learned so much from your blog. Have you already been nominated for a Bloggy Award in the Technology category? If not, I shall do so.

I just boldly switched my team blogs to the Beta last weekend, with some trepidation. I add my endorsement to all your Wish List items. On the posting comments though I think that people need to use the Preview religiously. I also cut and paste particularly important ones into another program to spell check them. A slow process but in the fast forward pace of instand online publishing that how to catch an error.

Since I only know Blogger, I have no idea what inline comments is. Would you explain here?

Your big fan,
The Purple Woman

Many thanks!

Improbulus said...

Hi Teri/Purple Woman, thanks so much for your very kind and encouraging comments. I'm delighted that my blog has been useful to you: that's my aim, that it's helpful and interesting. No, I've never been nominated for a Bloggy as far as I know!

So how did your team blogs switch go, OK I hope?

You are right that ideally people should use Preview and spellchecking is good. Hmm in fact adding spell checking to comments would be a good thing too wouldn't it? I certainly should use Preview more, I confess! (It is more of a pain though when you're trying to insert HTML to be viewed as HTML code in your comment, as you have to re-Centricle the code all over again from the Preview view. Plus, I am just too hasty sometimes!)

Inline comments, as I understand them, are comments that appear within the body of the post itself rather than in a separate popup window (as happens when you click to post/view comments from the main page of a Blogger blog). Hope that helps.

Nancy White said...

Just another ongoing thanks for all the knowledge you share, Imp!

Improbulus said...

Thank you very much Nancy, you're very welcome!

Brent said...

I agree that comment editing would be nice. That will be one thing I will definitely miss. Although I am willing to bet that there will be a workaround that comes up in the near future. Someone will figure it out, hopefully.

Improbulus said...

Brent, comment editing in old Blogger was I believe an unintended loophole, which Kirk discovered. He thinks, and I agree, that they've probably closed it in New Blogger because really the author of a blog shouldn't be able to edit other people's comments. Editing your own within a short window after posting, maybe. But if a commment could be edited at any time afterwards, that could be abused (even by the original comment poster never mind the author). If even Kirk can't find the loophole in New Blogger, I'm sure there isn't one.