Thursday, 13 October 2005

Foreign use of credit cards: before you travel abroad

Before you travel abroad, make sure you tell your credit card company where you're going and when - or else, when you try to use your credit card in a foreign country, as a result of their anti-fraud security systems (or ignorant cashiers) you may find your card being refused or even blocked. Even in this age of international travel.

Those systems which guard against credit card fraud are hairtrigger with some credit card companies, let me tell you - I've even had my card refused in London when I've gone out for a shopping trip in town and wanted to buy lots of stuff in one day. (Like my posts, I tend to do my shopping all together in one go - apparently that's a no no according to the monitoring technology which watches for unusual card use). It would certainly not be fun to be away from home travelling, with no way to use your credit card.

Reported in The Times 8 October 2005.

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Improbulus said...

Thanks William. Sadly I'm not too good with boats myself, wooden or otherwise! Good luck with your blog.

Anonymous said...

My boat is aluminum. Could I still get insurance?

Improbulus said...

Whatever floats your boat Kirk, whatever floats your boat. So no woody then for you, eh?

Anonymous said...

I already tried to get insurance for my woody. But getting full coverage for my woody was too expensive. I'll just have to be careful where I put it.

Improbulus said...

Yes, it must be, if your woody is a classic. One certainly ought to think first, indeed. Though I'm sure it's quite hard for some people.