Thursday, 20 October 2005

Molly Holzschlag: London Geek Dinner 24 November 2005

The ever-energetic Ian Forrester (Ian, how do you do it?!), who organised the recent Tim O'Reilly Geek Dinner, has announced that the guest of honour at the next London Geek Dinner on Thursday 24 November 2005 (at the Hogs Head pub, 11 Dering Street - a stone's throw from Bond St/Oxford Circus Tubes) will be none other than web design/development icon Molly E. Holzschlag of

Not yet officially a "geek girl" dinner, but certainly one of particular interest to the girl geeks. I'll be there, for sure! Hope lots of other girly geeks will, too.

Just go to the Geek Dinner Molly Holzschlag page to RSVP.

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Anonymous said...

I work far too hard Imp!

Hopefully there will be enough time for us to talk and maybe get your phone working in regards to recording.

Improbulus said...

That you do Ian, but your organisational efforts are much appreciated!

Phone is OK, I just didn't tap the Record button properly or check it fully (it was a bit far away for me to see it during the talk, too! And I'd not used it before that day as I hadn't been intending to record it, it was an impulse thing...) Should work next time!

Anonymous said...

I work far too hard Imp!