Sunday, 9 October 2005

Technorati: more searching tweaks

Technorati continue to tweak their searching, or more accurately the search options they provide to the public, latterly the refining of searches from within search results. (They already allow searching within just one blog for a particular word, and now offer that on their Options page - they didn't use to.)

After you've done a word search you can search just within a particular blog in the search results list for that word with a "Search this blog" link.

And after you've searched for blogs that have been given a particular tag (as in the entire blog, not individual posts), then you can search just within those blogs for a particular word.

Or you can do the "search one particular blog only for X", or "search only the blogs tagged with X for the word Y", via a single search from their search options page - rather than having to do two searches in a row.

Technorati call these "new ways to search", but to me they just seem to be tinkering around the edges. They appear to involve just a different way to do a type of search you could have done before in another way. I think they may risk confusing people, complicating their interface by continually introducing too many ways to do the same thing when they aren't really necessary.

What I really, really want is to be able to do different things instead, things that you can't yet do on Technorati. Top of the list is a tag and blog-specific combo search - to be able to search within a particular blog only, for posts tagged with X; next is multiple tag searching, the ability to search for posts tagged with X AND also tagged with Y (they only offer "OR" searching for tags at the moment). Plus the ability to search just blogs tagged with X for the keyword Y, i.e. combining keyword search and tag search. Surely I can't be the only one who wants these features? Can I?

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TaB said...

I do believe you are turning more turbo geek than me. [yes] < wot no BB icons?

This stuff is way beyond me, but it looks uber cool.
p.s. thank you so very much for the mail with that link, im investigating that product and I’ll let you know what I come out with.

hope you are well and smiling.