Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Blogger: improved BlogThis; "No space left" issue

Blogger have improved their BlogThis! bookmarklet to add bold, italic, font color, link, and blockquote buttons to the little mini-Create Post window that pops up when you use their bookmarklet to blog about the webpage you're on. If you have the bookmarklet already you may have noticed the enhancements. If not, see the Blogger Buzz post for links to instructions on how to install it etc.

Separately, a few people have had a problem when trying to publish, getting an error like "001 No space left on deviceblog"... It seems this is a known issue and Blogger say they've now fixed it.

[Added 13 August 2006:] Looks like this problem is cropping up again. It's an issue with the Blogger system, and I can only suggest that if you experience this yourself, you report it to Blogger (link only works after you've logged in) so they know there's a problem - the more who report it, the quicker they'll resolve it. Good luck!

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