Sunday, 22 January 2006

It's the in colour, dahlink!

Why let feed subscription icons have all the fun? Firefox icon orange is clearly the new black (or is it silver?) - so, orange I shall be.

But seriously, in my efforts to doctor that photo to make it less identifiable, it ended up orange even before I knew they were trying to standardise RSS icons. I may be a bit geeky but I wasn't really trying to match feed icons. Honest.

And if anyone who's met me thinks it doesn't look like me, you'd be right. It's me, but as I blog anonymously I wouldn't pick a pic that was actually recognisable to anyone who knows me in real life, would I??

Just as well that orange is soooooooo me, dahlink. Innit?

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Anonymous said...

Haha.. it's sooo .. (orange)juicy:-)

ChickyBabe said...

Methinks Imp needs to have orange eyes not red eyes by now...

Anonymous said...

I hear plaid is the new polka dot too.

And I think I read once that orange is used by people with voracious sexual appetites...figures.

Hubba hubba even if you are a deviant. ;-)

Improbulus said...

Zoli, hey! Hmm y'know I never thought of the juice analogy, more that people would think I was selling out by indirectly advertising mobile phone networks... :D

CB - red eyes, you got that right!

Kirk - so you wear a lot of orange then, doya? As for deviance, huh, well they say it takes one to know one. :P