Monday, 2 January 2006

Find bloggers anywhere, worldwide

Well good ol' Truckspy/redryder52/KRS never rests. I write my post on searching for members in a particular place, thinking it's limited to the USA only, and almost instantly he goes and figures out how to get it to work in order to search for Blogger users anywhere in the world. That man is a genius, I say again! (The secret is that they were using standard international country codes, not the full country names as I'd thought.)

So here it is - a form for searching for Blogger members by geographical location, whether near you or in any state or city or town you choose, in any country in the world. You can even put the city just in the second box and not the third (if it's a big city - San Francisco works, but not Tulsa, apparently...). But you do have to choose a country before you can choose a city etc:

Have fun searching for local bloggers!

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ChickyBabe said...

Hmm... apparently I don't exist! :(

Improbulus said...

Really? Are you going to reveal what city/town you live in, so I can have a go??

ChickyBabe said...

I entered Sydney which is in my profile and got nothing!

Improbulus said...

You do have to choose Australia as the country first, and then entering Sydney in the State etc box will get one set of results, in the town box (after you've picked Australia) yet another set. Then it works. Plus you still have to wade through the Sydney bloggers 10 at a time to find your profile! I'll amend the post to clarify that.

I suspect it depends on what the person concerned put in their profile, and where.

Unknown said...

I cant find my blog on this search engine. can anyone tell me how I can make my blog searchable?

Improbulus said...

Tiffany I'll be starting a series for new bloggers soon including things like that so feel free to subscribe to this blog or keep checking back.