Monday, 2 January 2006

More searching for Blogger members - by their profiles

How do you find bloggers by their names, or just search their profiles for certain words? Use Google, and if their profiles have been indexed by Google it's easy.

To search for a particular Blogger member by their username, or just to search within Blogger members' profiles for a combination of things e.g. someone with particular interests in a particular location, just use the form below (but bear in mind it only searches profiles which have been indexed on Google, and "London" can find someone named "London" as well as people living in London, so if you want something specific use one of the other forms - unfortunately you can't combine a specific location search with a specific interests etc search, the only way to search both is to use this form with the one issue I mentioned):

Search words in Blogger profiles via Google:

For example you could search "Improbulus" (or even "London consumer") to find my profile, or search "Chickybabe" to find hers.

Thanks to Truckspy/redryder52/KRS, as usual, for all this.

I've amended my post on how to search Blogger to add this form, and the form for searching for Blogger users by geographical location, so that they're all in a single one-stop shop.

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ChickyBabe said...

Woohoo! This one knows me! :)

Improbulus said...

Great! I knew it would :D