Thursday, 19 January 2006

PubSub: user survey

Well it must be something in the air. PubSub, the "matching engine" which I've blogged about before, have just launched their own 9-question survey (you need to accept third party cookies to answer it), mere days after Technorati's own 33-question user survey.

Their questions are fewer than Technorati's but more open ended, like how you'd describe PubSub's accuracy, what other types of topics you'd like offered, and what 3 things they should (and should not) change. Plus the usual how long you've been using it, what you use it for, are you a registered user, how many subs do you track daily, and of course would you be willing to pay a monthly fee for business use. Interestingly they don't seek detailed (or indeed) any demographic info, so perhaps advertising funding is not the way they are planning to go, or maybe they're focussing on improving the "user experience" (as they say!) first.

If you're not too survey fatigued, then why not take PubSub's survey too, and tell 'em what you want.

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Steven said...

Thanks for the mention. The survey is intended to gather information on what our users want, what they think we need to improve on and what we do well. It should help in deciding what types of services we offer in the future.

Steven Cohen
PubSub Concepts

Improbulus said...

Great, I wondered if that might be the case, thanks for the clarification Steven.