Friday 23 December 2005

Google's Newsletter for Librarians: info and tips on Google

Time to start reaching for your brown cardigans... Google have started a newsletter for librarians. The first edition December 2005 posted on 19 December 2005 had an article containing a helpful primer, in relatively non-techie speak, on how Google's bots crawl and index the web and then rank search results.

This newsletter looks like it will be useful generally, though no doubt it will be of particular interest to librarians like my fellow Corante Web Hub contributor John Tropea.

You can get the newsletter via the Google Group or by signing up for emails. Readers can write in with questions and "Every newsletter we’ll try to answer 1 or 2 of the most frequently asked questions."

(Only gentle teasing intended. In fact I've been called a librarian at heart, what with my interest in tags and taxonomies vs. folksonomies etc. No librarians were harmed in the writing of this post; indeed one of my best friends is a librarian, and not a tweed jacket in sight.)

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M Taher said...

Thank you for this update. You have been now linked to my blog.

Nice to see that you are also in the same boat, with a vertical interest in tags and taxonomies vs. folksonomies.

Good work. Good breeds Good. Best wishes.

Improbulus said...

Thanks for your comment and the link, Dr Taher.

I am indeed inordinately interested in tags and taxonomies, and plan to write more about them as soon as I can.

Best wishes to you too. :)