Thursday, 29 December 2005

Nokia 7710: free Nokia 7710 themes and wallpaper

Just saw from the My-Symbian site's Series 90 page that they're offering some free themes for the Nokia 7710 smartphone/PDA including, most recently, 88 wallpapers from Mumu Designs (scroll to the bottom of that page for the link to the wallpaper and other free themes).

[Added 24 March 2006:] You can also make your own themes or edit existing thems on your PC if you're creative - just download the free Nokia Theme studio for the 7710 (you have to register on the Nokia developers' site first, which is free, and login before the download will work).

Also, there are free themes for download on the My-Symbian Series 90 forum shared by the creative and generous people who made them, see e.g. this thread for several downloadable themes, there's also a VB theme, Black theme, Fireball theme, F1 theme etc, even a Windows XP theme and other themes - just register on My-Symbian (which is free), login, and search for theme or themes in the Series 90 section.

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Anonymous said...

classic but beautiful,thanks a lot