Thursday, 29 December 2005

How women and men use the Internet in the USA...

The Pew Internet and American Life Project have just released an interesting report "How women and men use the Internet" (covering the USA only, of course).

According to the Pew news release, which summarises the main findings, women under 30 and black women outpace their male peers but older women trail dramatically behind older men; men are slightly more intense internet users than women; and in most categories of internet activity, more men than women are participants, but women are catching up (see the Pew news release, report summary and report itself for more tidbits).

“If there is an overall pattern of differences here, it is that men value the internet for the breadth of experiences it offers, and women value it for the human connections” - a finding that won't surprise most of us.

However, I thought the most amusing finding was this:
"Compared with men, online women are more likely to: ... get maps and directions"
(ahem! I think we all know that too...).

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Ian Forrester said...

You beat me to it, but did you also see this -

Improbulus said...

No I hadn't, thanks Ian. Some interesting comments there!