Saturday, 21 January 2006

Blogger: editing comments & popup window

If you use Blogger and you want to be able to edit (not just delete) comments on your blog, the easiest way is to use the Firefox browser and the "Edit Comments" Greasemonkey user script produced by Browservulsel based on Kirk's discovery of how to edit comments on Blogger. Until Blogger come up with a built-in comments editing function, I think it's the easiest way (see this post for what that script does), although there are other ways.

However, the edit comments icon it adds to most pages doesn't automatically appear in the popup window that appears when you click to post a comment (though it appears in that window after you've actually posted a comment e.g. to respond to someone's comment on your post). I think most people probably have a popup window for posting comments rather than inline comments on the post page, as that's Blogger's default.

So if you want to have the ability to edit comments easily from the popup comments window, this is what you should do:
  • in Firefox go to the Tools menu, Manage User Scripts
  • select "Blogger comments editor" in the list on the left
  • click Add
  • enter (or paste in) the following:
  • click OK
  • click OK again.
That adds the edit comments icon to comments in the popup window.

I've amended my post on the script to add a note about this tweak. Thanks to Jasper for the info on the fix. No doubt at some point Jasper will update his script to add that to the included pages for that script by default.

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"ME" Liz Strauss said...

Hi There!
I'm going to feature this post on Friday on Successful Blog. It's something I noticeds earlier and came back for--I've wanted to be able to have the option to edit comments whant I want. Thanks for this it will help a lot.

Improbulus said...

Hi Liz, thanks for the comment and for featuring the post! Glad it helped.

Anonymous said...


AJ said...

Hey, are you aware of any way to edit comments with the New Blogger?

Improbulus said...

Thanks for the comments.

Unfortunately I think Blogger have closed the loophole that allowed comment editing, in New Blogger - see item 5 of this post.